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Posted on: October 7, 2015
The objectives of DEE are :
    1. To produce middle level competent electrical workforce/human resource(Technical and supervisory staffs) in Electrical Engineering with specialization in the following areas;
      1. Installation of Electrical systems
      2. Power Systems
      3. Electrical Machines and Industrial Drives
      4. Utilization of Electrical Energy
      5. Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Equipments
    2.  To prepare such electrical technicians who are able to work in the local industrial setting of the country.
    3. To prepare such electrical workforce who will demonstrate positive attitude and respect for the profession and socio-cultural values.
    4. To help to meet the demand of such electrical workforce for the industries of Nepal.
    5. To reduce the dependence on employing electrical technicians from foreign countries.

Course Structure

Year 1

Year I-Part I

Code Subject Name
EG 1101 SH Communication Nepali
EG 1102 SH Communication English
EG 1103 SH Engineering Mathematic I
EG 1104 SH Engineering Physics I
EG 1105 SH Engineering Chemistry I
EG 1106 ME Engineering Drawing
EG 1111 ME Applied Mechanics
EG 1112 EE Workshop Practice I

Year I-Part II

Code Subject Name
EG 1201 SH Engineering Mathematic II
EG 1202 SH Engineering Physics II
EG 1203 SH Engineering Chemistry II
EG 1211 CT Computer Application
EG 1212 EE Safety Rules and Regulation
EG 1213 EE Workshop Practice II
EG 1214 EE Engineering Drawing
EG 1215 EE Principles of Electrical Engineering
Year 2

Year II-Part I

Code Subject Name
EG 2111 CT Computer Programming
EG 2112 EX Basic Electronics
EG 2113 CE Civil Construction & Survey
EG 2114 EE Electrical & Electronic Engineering Materials
EG 2115 EE Electric Circuit Theory
EG 2107 ME Elements Of Engineering Economics
EG 2116 EE Electrical Installation I
EG 2117 EE Electrical Engineering Drawing I

Year II-Part II

Code Subject Name
EG 2206 SH Social study
EG 2211 EE Computer Aided Drawing
EG 2212 EX Electronic Devices and Logic Circuits
EG 2213 EE Electrical Installation II
EG 2214 EE Electrical Engineering Drawing II
EG 2215 EE Electrical Mechanics
EG 2216 EE Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments
EG 2217 EE Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Power
Year 3

Year III-Part I

Code Subject Name
EG 3111 EE Design Estimating & Costing of Electrical Installation
EG 3112 EE Switch Gear and Protection
EG 3113 EE Power Electronic
EG 3114 EE Electrical Mechanics II
EG 3115 EE Utilization of Electrical Energy
EG 3116 EE Control System Components
EG 3117 EE Electrical Repair and Maintenance I
EG 3118 EE Minor Project

Year III-Part II

Code Subject Name
EG 3211 ME Organization and Management
EG 3212 EE Power station
EG 3213 EE Project
EG 3214 EE Power System Operation & Maintenance
EG 3215 EE Electrical Repair and Maintenance II
EG 3216 EE Industrial Attachment
EG 3217 EE Entrepreneurship Development
EG 3218 EE Elective (One of the following)

  1. Micro Hydro
  2. Instrumentation & transducers
  3. Electric Drives
  4. Renewable Energy Technology
  5. Principle of Energy Conservation

Fee Structure

Full Fee Partial Fee Sponsor Municipality
Admission 43600/- 32100/- 50100/- 20800/-
Total 163750/- 94750/- 202750/- 31950/-