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Posted on: January 24, 2016

The objectives of DCE are to :

1. Prepare technicians who are capable of undertaking works in civil engineering field as Civil Engineering Technicians underRoad, Irrigation, Water Supply, Urban Development and Building Construction and other civil infrastructures development related departments and sectors.

2. Produce middle level competent technical work force/ human resources that could provide supervisory works of civil engineering.

3. Prepare technical workforce who will demonstrate positive attitude and respect for the profession and socio-cultural values.

4. Help in meeting the demand of required Civil Engineering Technicians for the public and private infrastructure development sector of Nepal.

5. Reduce the dependence on employing such technicians from foreign countries.

6. Create self employment opportunities.

Course Structure

Year 1

Year I-Part I

Code Subject Name
EG 1101 SH Communication Nepali
EG 1102 SH Communication English
EG 1103 SH Engineering Mathematic I
EG 1104 SH Engineering Physics I
EG 1105 SH Engineering Chemistry I
EG 1101 CE Workshop Practice I
EG 1111 AR Engineering Drawing

Year I-Part II

Code Subject Name
EG 1201 SH Engineering Mathematic II
EG 1202 SH Engineering Physics II
EG 1203 SH Engineering Chemistry II
EG 1201 CE Workshop Practice II
EG 1202 CE Engineering Materials
EG 1201 AR Engineering Drawing II
EG 1211 CT Computer Applications
Year 2

Year II-Part I

Code Subject Name
EG 2104 SH Engineering Mathematic I
EG 2101 CE Surveying I
EG 2102 CE Applied Mechanics
EG 2103 CE Basic Hydraulics
EG 2104 CE Building Construction
EG 2105 CE Construction Drawing
EG 2106 CE Computer Aided Drafting

Year II-Part II

Code Subject Name
EG 2206 SH Social study
EG 2201 MG Management
EG 2201 CE Surveying II
EG 2202 CE Estimating and Costing I
EG 2203 CE Mechanics of Structure
EG 2204 CE Solid Mechanics
EG 2205 CE Water Supply Engineering
Year 3

Year III-Part I

Code Subject Name
EG 3101 CE Surveying III
EG 3102 CE Estimation Costing II
EG 3103 CE Structural Design and Drawing
EG 3104 CE Highway Engineering I
EG 3105 CE Sanitary Engineering
EG 3106 CE Construction Management
EG 3107 CE Major Project (Survey Camp)

Year III-Part II

Code Subject Name
EG 3201 MG Entrepreneurship Development
EG 3202 CE Highway Engineering II
EG 3203 CE Estimating and Costing III
EG 3204 CE Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
EG 3205 CE Major Project
EG 3206 CE Elective (One of the following)

  1. Trail Bridge
  2. Hill Road
  3. Hill Irrigation Engineering
  4. Gravity Flour Water Supply System
  5. Rural/Agriculture Road

Fee Structure

Full Fee Partial Fee Sponsor Municipality
Admission 43600/- 32100/- 50100/- 20800/-
Total 163750/- 94750/- 202750/- 31950/-