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Posted on: October 8, 2015
The objectives of DIT are :
  1. To provide an educational foundation for the careers in Information Technology.
  2. To reflect the blend of business, technical and interpersonal skills needed in modern IT Professional.
  3. To develop a range of skills, knowledge, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance as IT professional.
  4. To provide opportunities to the learners to explore the real-world of information technology in business and industry.
  5. To encourage learners into technology-related careers with exciting content that is attractive to youth in Nepal.

Download New Course Curricula for DIT

Diploma in Information Technology(New Course)

Course Structure

Year 1

Year I-Part I

Code Subject Name
EG 1101 SH Communication Nepali
EG 1102 SH Communication English
EG 1103 SH Engineering Mathematic I
EG 1104 SH Engineering Physics I
EG 1105 SH Engineering Chemistry I
EG 1106ME Engineering Drawing
EG 1107 CT Computer Fundamentals
EG 1109 CT Computer Programming in C

Year I-Part II

Code Subject Name
EG 1201 SH Engineering Mathematic II
EG 1202 SH Engineering Physics II
EG 1203 SH Engineering Chemistry II
EG 1204 EX Logic Circuits
EG 1205 CT Object Oriented Programming in C+ +
EG 1207 EE Electrical Engineering
EG 1208 CT Web technology & Programming I
Year 2

Year II-Part I

Code Subject Name
EG 2103 CT System Analysis and Design
EG 2104 SH Engineering Mathematics III
EG 2105 CT Data structure & Algorithm
EG 2106 C Visual Programming
EG 2107 EX Microprocessors
EG 2108 CT Electronic Devices & Circuit

Year II-Part II

Code Subject Name
EG 2201 EX Principle of Communication Engineering
EG 2202 CT Software Engineering
EG 2203 CT Management Information System
EG 2204 CT Computer Architecture
EG 2205 CT Operating System
EG 2206 SH Social Studies
EG 2207 SH Statistics & Probability
Year 3

Year III-Part I

Code Subject Name
EG 3101 CT Computer Networks
EG 3102 CT Database Management System
EG 3103 CT Web Technology and Programming II
EG 3104 CT Knowledge Organization and Information Access
EG 3105 CT Project Management
EG 3106 CT Elective - 1

  1. Geographical Information System
  2. Computer Simulation & Modeling
  3. Image Processing
  4. Distributed Processing
EG 3106 SH Technical English

Year III-Part II

Code Subject Name
EG 3201 CT Multimedia Technology
EG 3202 CT E-Commerce
EG 3203 CT IT Entrepreneurship Development
EG 3204 CT Elective - II

  1. Data Mining and Data Warehousing
  2. Internet/Intranet
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Computer Graphics
  5. Numerical Methods
  6. Enterprise Resource  Planning
  7. Business Information System (BIS)
  8. Decision Support System
  9. Telecommunication
EG 3205 CT Social and Professional Issues in IT

Fee Structure

Full Fee Partial Fee Sponsor Municipality
Admission 33250/- 25025/- 35800/- 12300/-
Total 112250/- 62900/- 114800/- 23550/-