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Posted on: October 7, 2015

The objectives of DHM are :

1. To apply the professional knowledge and skills in the respected fields of hotel and catering industry.

2. To develop the positive attitudes towards the trade with greater initiative and self confidence in handling operations.

3. To apply critical thinking for problem-solving, decision making during the service procedures.

4. To understand organizational structure and function, and to be able to utilize this knowledge in various outlets of hotel and catering industry.

5. To follow the quality standards set by the organization for quality assurance of the services offered to customers.

6. To become a successful entrepreneur in a small size enterprise.

Course Structure

Year 1

Year I-Part I

Code Subject Name
1 Nepali I
2 English I
3 Fundamental of Travel & Tourism
4 Hospital Industries
5 Principle of Accounting
6 Introductory French

Year I-Part II

Code Subject Name
1 Nepali II
2 English II
3 Hotel Accounting
4 Fount office Operations I
5 Housekeeping Operations I
6 Hygiene, Sanitation & Safety
Year 2

Year II-Part I

Code Subject Name
1 Business Communication
2 Principle of Management
3 Housekeeping Operation II
4 Food and Production Patisserie I
5 Food and Beverage Service I
6 Front office Operation II

Year II-Part II

Code Subject Name
1 Human Resource Management
2 Business Math
3 Food and Production Patisserie II
4 Food Service and Nutrition
5 Food and Beverage Service I
6 Computer Application
Year 3

Year III-Part I

Code Subject Name
1 Hospitality Sales and Marketing
2 Food and Production Patisserie III
3 Entrepreneurship Development
4 Hotel Engineering & Maintenance
5 Hospitality Law
6 Principle of Economics

Year III-Part II

Code Subject Name
1 Food Production
2 Food and Beverage Service
3 Housekeeping
4 Front Office

Fee Structure

Full Fee Partial Fee Sponsor Municipality
Admission 46600/- 32600/- 54600/- 12800/-
Total 175750/- 102750/- 220750/- 23950/-